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Asteroids: Avoiding an Earthly smashup

Tue, 2014-08-26 08:23
Any of nearly 1,500 asteroids could hit Earth. Experts want to learn more about the space rocks — and maybe even bump them off course.
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Explainer: What are asteroids?

Tue, 2014-08-26 08:22
Leftovers from the creation of the solar system, asteroids are space rocks that orbit the sun. Let’s hope the big ones never become meteorites.
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Questions for Asteroids: Avoiding an Earthly smashup

Tue, 2014-08-26 08:21
Classroom questions for Asteroids: Avoiding an Earthly smashup.
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Invisible plastic ‘ink’ foils counterfeiters

Mon, 2014-08-25 10:20
Hidden images make a new label virtually counterfeit-proof, thanks to a combination of chemistry and nanotechnology.
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Ebola treatments and vaccines could be near

Fri, 2014-08-22 17:42
Using experimental medicines against Ebola might help to slow or end an outbreak in Africa that has defied efforts to control it.
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Explainer: What is Ebola?

Fri, 2014-08-22 17:41
A virus is behind the hemorrhage-inducing infection called Ebola. It causes fevers and often intense bleeding — seemingly from anywhere and everywhere.
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Feathers: What every dino wore?

Fri, 2014-08-22 09:00
A dino discovery in Siberia suggests feathers were common among the ancient ‘lizards.’
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Buried Antarctic lake teems with life

Thu, 2014-08-21 08:30
Last year, scientists drilled 800 meters (roughly a half mile) down through ice to reach a pitch-black Antarctic lake. They now report that lake hosts a thriving community of one-celled microbes.
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Fist bumps cleaner than handshakes

Wed, 2014-08-20 08:30
A handshake, while welcoming, can transmit lots of germs — many times more than a high five or, especially, a fist bump.
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Germs explain some animal behaviors

Tue, 2014-08-19 09:14
The bacteria that people and other animals host in and on their bodies are invisible to the eye. Yet they can play a very visible role in behavior. It’s something scientists are just coming to appreciate.
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Questions for Germs explain some animal behaviors

Tue, 2014-08-19 09:14
Science and social studies questions on "Germs explain some animal behaviors."
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Wind farms: Restaurants for seals?

Mon, 2014-08-18 09:08
Scientists have tracked harbor seals visiting the turbines of ocean wind farms. The predators may be drawn by fish that make their homes in the artificial reefs created by the manmade structures.
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Meteorites likely wiped out Earth’s earliest life

Sat, 2014-08-16 08:30
Enormous meteorites appear to have slammed into Earth several times early in its history. Each mega-smashup would have boiled off oceans and obliterated any bit of life.
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How termites ‘hear‘ about trouble

Fri, 2014-08-15 08:30
When danger comes too close, termites bang their heads against the walls of their homes. This action sends out a warning vibration that others ‘hear’ with their legs.
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Watering plants with wastewater can spread germs

Thu, 2014-08-14 09:00
Recycled waste water may slake the thirst of outdoor plants. But it also can spread bacteria, a new study finds — germs that antibiotics may not be able to kill.
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Octopus sets egg-nurturing record

Wed, 2014-08-13 09:32
Animals will do extraordinary things to help their babies survive. Consider ‘Octomom:’ She sat on one clutch of eggs for nearly 4.5 years.
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Fashioning inks to ‘print’ tissues

Tue, 2014-08-12 09:00
3-D printing may one day create life-saving tissues and organs for transplants. But first researchers are learning how to tailor cell-filled “inks” for use in inkjet printers.
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Dinos ‘quickly’ shrunk into birds

Mon, 2014-08-11 13:16
Scientists had long known birds descended from dinosaurs. A study now shows that the morphing from dinos into birds went along with a quick and steady shrinking of their body sizes.
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Record Ebola epidemic strikes

Fri, 2014-08-08 09:00
A record outbreak of the deadly disease has already claimed nearly 1,000 lives in West Africa. Scientists suspect bats or eating some other wild animals may have triggered the epidemic.
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Biometrics: New IDs that are uniquely you

Thu, 2014-08-07 08:57
Fingerprints are so last century. Computers soon may start identifying people by their eyebrows, heartbeats or even networks of blood vessels under the skin.
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