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  • This game is like connect four! To earn game pieces you must solve an algebraic equation. You can change the level of difficulty and the type of problem. There are five different types of problems: variable on both sides, distributive property, quadratic, two-step problems, and one-step problems.
  • This game is just like Connect Four! Only, in this game you will answer arithmetic questions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) to earn a piece to place on the board. To make the game harder, you can change your time limit, difficulty level, and types of questions.
  • Inez, a member of the Cybersquad has a lot of errands to run and not much time! Luckily, she has a map of all the places she needs to go. She needs your help to figure out the shortest number of blocks to get all of her chores done quickly.
  • Hacker has infested the Cybrary with nasty bugs. The Cybersquad needs your help to clean up the nasty mess. To clear the room of bugs, click and drag each bug to the column of the same color. If you can’t fit all of the bugs of the same color in a column, use the bar graph scaler to change the scale. Good luck!
  • The roof is leaking and Dougal dog is getting wet. Builder Ted needs to fix the roof! Help him climb to the top of the house by placing the bricks on the ladder in numerical order.
  • Dr. Marbles and the Cybersquad need to cross a river--but their boat is too small! Can you help them figure out how to get across? Your goal is to get everyone over in as few trips as possible. Use the critical thinking skills you have learned in math and science to help you!
  • You can be a contestant on the Cyberchase Squares game show! The game is easy-- the host will read a statement and nine Cyber-star contestants will each give a response. It is your job to identify the response that is a counter-example to the statement; in other words, you are trying to find the one example that proves the statement is not true.
  • In CyberOlympics, Team Motherboard goes head-to-head with Team Hacker in the TriAdditon. Can you choose a team that has what it takes to win the race?
  • Hacker has hidden the four pieces of the Eye of Rom in four different mazes. Luckily, Motherboard is able to give you directions through the mazes. You’ll need to use your trusty compass and her directions to find the pieces. To get back you will need to use inverse operations.
  • The Decimals Cruncher game will help you learn about decimal operations! You can choose to practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing. You can also pick how hard the game is. The game has 4 levels: easy, medium, hard, and killer. The Decimals Cruncher will keep track of your score. When you switch to a new operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division), your score will start over again.

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