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  • Can you compare mean, median, and range? Help Pythagoras and Hypatia make their connecting trains.

  • Ziff needs you to help him fix his buildings! With your tool bag, you will fix windows, doors, and roofs. Sounds easy right? It may not be as easy as you may think. You will need to use what you have learned in math class to make new ones that fit just right. You will get your own Cyberchase Master Builder certificate when the job is done!

    From: MSP2 Virtual Learning Experiences:
  • Find the 12 weather related words in this word search brought to you by the Southeast Regional Climate Center (SERCC). When you finish finding all 12 words, hit the restart button to re-scramble the letters and start all over again!

  • Acid rain is a type of air pollution that occurs when certain chemicals mix with water in the air. Most chemicals that cause acid rain come from the emissions from factories and cars. Acid rain looks just like 'normal' rain but when it falls, it can hurt plants and animals. For example, when acid rain falls into a lake or river, it makes that body of water more acidic. Many plants and animals cannot live in acidic water. Play this game, from Earth Day Canada's EcoKids program, to learn more about acid rain and its impact on the environment.


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