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  • Have you ever wondered what would happen if you tossed a coin one hundred times? What about 1,000? What about 10,000? Would you end up with more heads or more tails? Cyberspace has made it easy for you to find out using their virtual coin toss machine. This site is very helpful when studying probability!

    From: MSP2 Virtual Learning Experiences:
  • Weathering is the term that describes all the processes that break down rocks in the environment near the Earth's surface. This module will help you to understand two weathering processes: mechanical and chemical.

  • Acid rain is a type of air pollution that occurs when certain chemicals mix with water in the air. Most chemicals that cause acid rain come from the emissions from factories and cars. Acid rain looks just like 'normal' rain but when it falls, it can hurt plants and animals. For example, when acid rain falls into a lake or river, it makes that body of water more acidic. Many plants and animals cannot live in acidic water. Play this game, from Earth Day Canada's EcoKids program, to learn more about acid rain and its impact on the environment.

  • In this activity, you will have access to an input-output machine. Use the output numbers generated to help you guess the function of the machine. This is a great way to practice your algebra skills!


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