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  • Read this short autobiography of Kim Ennix to learn about what an aerospace engineer does. Kim works for the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center in California. If you like space, planes, or engineering this could be a good future career for you!
  • In this anatomy version of jeopardy, you will be quizzed on the following topics: body systems, medical professions, position terminology, and body regions. Good Luck!
  • Visit this site to learn what a geophysicist is, the different types of geophysicists, and the schooling you will need to become one.
  • What would we do without meteorologists? Weather forecasts enable you to plan everything from what you'll wear to whether weekend activities should be indoors or outdoors. They also help us prepare for bad weather and storms. In this video from the PBS television show ZOOM, a student (Amy from Walpole, MA) describes how her interest in observing the weather led her to volunteer at a local weather center where she uses real weather instruments and learns from a practicing meteorologist how weather forecasts are made.
  • Learn about a job as a chemist from the ChemHealthWeb site of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences. See how people from all walks of life, from different countries and cultures, and with very different backgrounds had an interest in chemistry and chose it as their career.
  • Watch this video to learn about geneticist George Amato! You will learn what he does and how he conducts his research. You will also get to read his answers to questions asked by kids just like you!
  • Karin is an igneous petrologist--a volcano scientist--who studies the history of rocks beneath New York. Her work takes her across the Hudson River, where she investigates the rocks that form the Palisades Sill in New Jersey. Watch this video to learn even more about Karin!
  • When we hear the word meteorologist, we often think of someone on TV who announces the day's weather. While many weathercasters are professional meteorologists, others are reporters who pass along weather information. Use this site to explore what a meteorologist is all about. You will learn what the term meteorologist really means, where they work, some famous meteorologists, and what you can do to become one.
  • The professionals quarry huge slabs of granite and then cut through it using saws with diamond-coated tips. How can you cut granite without a saw? Use the clues given on this site to figure out how!
  • Do you like to play video games? Did you know that in your future career you could design video games for youth just like you? Read the information on this site to learn what a video designer does and what classes you need to take in order to become one. You can also read about some famous current video game designers and about the games they have designed.

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